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You're probably thinking that there must be some complicated catch to getting a free iPod Touch. But there isn't any.

The truth is, it's all to do with something known as viral marketing which is used all over the world as an advertising tool. Here's an example;

You create an account with the offer site, in this case Gifts.Freebiejeebies, and then complete one of their sponsored offers. When you select the offer you want, you get directed to the site that the offer is on, say for example LoveFilm.

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Here's a sample of how many referrals you need to get some of the items available;

  • iPod Touch 8GB - 10 referrals
  • iPod Touch 32GB - 13 referrals
  • iPod Touch 64GB - 17 referrals
  • iPad 2 16GB WiFi - 20 referrals
  • iPad 2 64GB WiFi - 28 referrals
  • iPhone 4 32GB - 29 referrals
  • iPod Nano 16GB - 8 referrals
  • Nintendo DSi (in your chosen colour) - 8 referrals
  • Nintendo 3DS (in your chosen colour) - 11 referrals
  • £100 Amazon Voucher - 6 referrals
  • Nintendo Wii - 7 referrals
  • Sony PSP Slim & Lite - 7 referrals
  • Sony PSP Go - 13 referrals
  • Xbox 360 Slim - 10 referrals
  • Playstation 3 Slim 160GB - 13 referrals
  • Apple TV - 5 referrals
  • Microsoft Kinect - 7 referrals
  • Playstation Move Pack - 3 referrals

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What you need to do to get your free iPod Touch

  • First you need to go to Gifts.Freebiejeebies and create an account for yourself.
  • You then have to complete one sponsored offer so that your account gets activated and you get a referral link.
  • You can then send your referral link to people like your friends and family and get them to do the same.

If you're still not sure about these offers, read through the Frequently Asked Questions that explain how the free Ipod Touch offer works. You could also have a look at the Proof section to see evidence from other people that have completed other offers and received their own rewards, including a free Ipod Touch.

To see some of the most popular offers that you can choose from, have a look at the Offers page