Below are some of the most common questions people have about the free offers and how they work.

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Q. How does this all work?
These offers all work through advertising revenues. When you go to the give away site and complete an offer, the company providing the offer pays the give away site for you completeing the offer, usually between £10 and £50. This then allows the give away site to build up a revenue which they use to pay for the gifts that they give. By you referring others to complete offers, the give away site receives more money.
Q. Are these gifts really free?
Yes, the gifts are free. All you have to do is complete one online offer. Click Here if you want to do this now.
Q. Do I need a credit/debit card?
You will need to a credit / debit card to complete some of the offers. However there are some offers that don't need this.
Q. Do I need to spend money completing offers?
You may need to pay some money to complete an offer e.g. The Coral offer requires a deposit of £5. However you only need to complete one offer, and if you complete the Coral offer you could win back money.
Q. I have completed an offer but the reward site says I haven't.
You will always be credited with completing an offer, but some offers take longer than others to inform the give away site that you've completed one. If you still haven't been acknowledged after 1-2 weeks, contact the Support of the give away site to chase them up.
Q. Can I create more than one account?
You cannot create more than one account on the same site, eg. You can however create one account on each of the network's sites. Freebiejeebies is an example of a network of sites.
Q. How do I check if my referrals have completed offers?
Log in to the account you created on the give away site, and check your Account Status.
Q. Can I refer someone I live with?
No. You are only allowed one account per household. The IP Address (e.g. your own computers internet address) is logged when you sign up. This prevents you from signing up to the same site more than once from the same computer.