I got my free 16GB Ipod Touch

I've already completed one of these offers to get a free Ipod Touch. Below is a photo of my new 16GB Ipod Touch still in it's plastic cover. This shows that these offers are real, and do work.

You too could have your own free Ipod Touch. Click Here to go to the free Ipod Touch offer site.

Click on an image to see a larger size

I got my free ipod touch

You don't have to just settle for an Ipod Touch, there are other gifts available. I've now completed offers on this site to get a DS Lite and I've also received 2 Ninteno Wii's. I've added photos of them below. Click Here to start your own offer now.

I got my free Nintendo Wii

I got my free Nintendo DS

This section has information and links to sites that provide more proof that these offers are real

To read stories from people that have received their free gifts, have a look at the posts on the Exceem Forums.

Click here to read evidence of real rewards

The Gadget Show on the TV channel Five ran a peice about online protection, and mistakenly referred to FreebieJeebies. The video below is the apology that the Gadget Show made, and endorsed FreebieJeebies as a legitimate site

FreebieJeebies endorsed by The Gadget Show

Below are some videos from other people that have also recieved their gifts.

The video below was made by Washington's BBC correspondent Tom Carver. It shows Tom Carver talking to two American students who used the site 'freeipods.com'.

This is a phone call to Rob Joel, CEO of Gratis Internet (G4 Tech TV)